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We at Gill Agro farms are dedicated to promoting science-based agriculture, so the country will properly meet its demand of food, feed, fiber, and presumably fuel, whereas reassuring prosperity to farmers and cheap costs to customers. We tend to believe that Indian agriculture is spirited. It will be created additional productive with stinting use of resources by applying technology, sensible agronomic practices and wise management principles. For this we want policies that are supported proof. We've religion within the native enterprise of the farmer and their aspiration to try and do well in life. We tend to are indifferent to classes like personal and public sector, indigenous and foreign - as long as India gains.

Our farm area is 50 Acres for cultivation of Potatoes and Seasonal Crops. We also have experienced labors who has knowledge of inputs on seed selection, choice of fertilizers, farming equipment, etc. We pay more attention on organic farming.

The aim of organic agriculture is to produce high quality, nutritious food that contributes to preventive health care and well-being. With improved taste, flavor and nourishment, the benefits of organic foods are multi pronged. It's a natural complement to a healthier life-style, and builds a stronger immunity to prevent health complications caused by the use of conventionally processed foods.

Due to increase in population, mechanism and urbanization the area of agriculture is falling day by day. Disturbance in environment is the main cause for low production and poor quality of Kinnow and Seasonal Crops in open fields. For this reason we fail to produce best quality as per international standards. Now a day, production of Seasonal Crops and Kinnow without spraying pesticides is of great importance. In these conditions, we think that the Green House is the best solution for secure farming.

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