Our Crops

Paddy or Rice

Paddy is the major crop of India and given the utmost priority and importance. Gill Agro Farms will ensure 100% grain quality. Rice is a cereal grain belongs to the grass family of Graminae and native to the deltas of the great Asian rivers, the Ganges, the Chang (Yangtze), and the Tigris and Euphrates.


Wheat is that the main cereal crop and primarily a rabi (winter) season crop in India. Indian wheat is essentially a medium macromolecule,soft/medium onerous, and bread wheat. the key increase within the productivity of wheat has been discovered within the states of Haryana, Punjab, and UP


Cotton is one of the most important fiber and cash crop of India and plays a dominant role in the industrial and agricultural economy of the country. It provides the basic raw material (cotton fibre) to cotton textile industry. Data reveals that Cotton cultivation in India consumes 44.5% of the total pesticides used in the country.


Kinnow is the most widely-planted mandarin in India. The tree grows vigorously and has an upright form, with a strong tendency to alternate bearing. The fruit is oblate with a smooth orange rind that does not peel especially well for a mandarin. The flesh is orange, seedy, and has a rich distinctive flavor.


Mustard is an annual, cool-season economic cash crop that has a short growing season and is commonly grown in rotation with small grains. Yellow mustard varieties usually mature in 80 to 85 days, while brown and oriental varieties typically require 90 to 95 days to mature. Mustard is best adapted to grow in fertile, well-drained, loamy soils.


Sugar cane must be planted on a grass, dirt , podzol or sand block that is directly adjacent to water. When fully grown it will stand three blocks high of sugar cane. Mature sugar cane should be harvested by hitting the middle block, to avoid replanting. Its growth rate is not affected by light, and it does not need light to grow.

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